The most awarded alarm system in Europe arrives in New Zealand

Reliable. Convenient. Ajax

-You own the alarm. No on going costs or subscriptions

Ajax is free to operate when you use it yourself to self-monitor on your mobile or smart device

-How does Ajax let me know about an emergency?

Ajax sends alerts using push notifications, SMS messages or calls to the system owner. You can choose your notification preferences in the mobile app.

-Ajax Relay to control your garage door and/or gate

With the ajax relay you are able to open and close your garage door and gate on your smart phone or Ajax remote

-How often do device batteries need to be changed?

Ajax devices are powered by batteries, not from the network, which is how wired systems work. With that in mind, we developed a special energy-efficient radio protocol that keeps them protecting your home or office for as long as possible— up to 7 years.

-Can I add and remove system users?

Yes, if you are an administrator with full access to the system settings. You can add up to 50 users to the Ajax hub. They can be family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues or even a security company.

-How does Ajax send alerts so quickly?

The hub constantly monitors the detectors, and they regularly report back to the hub. If a detector is triggered, it immediately transmits that information. The hub then sends an alert to the system owner’s smartphone and/or to a central monitoring station. All of this happens in just milliseconds.

-If there’s a blackout, will I be left unprotected?

No. Ajax will continue guarding your home, even during blackouts. All of the detectors operate on battery power, and there’s a backup battery installed in the hub. It provides up to 16 hours of reliable operation. Once your home regains power, the hub will automatically recharge the backup battery.